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Project management basics

Project management basics

Welcome to our knowledge centre about project management and the enviroment projects have to face to be succesful. The basic concepts of project management are not very hard to learn, and it's a great start to get better results and a more professional aproach when it comes to realizing projects.

For those who are not managing projects a the moment, the information on this website is very usefull as it comes to knowing what people are talking about when it comes to project management basics , leading projects and being part of a project team. At project-manager-basics we try to give you free information you need about projectmanagement. whether you are a veteran manager or a project leader who just made a start in project management, we have al the basic information you need, and more.


What is project management all about?

projectProject management is a way to control a project from beginning to end, so it will be a succesfull project, and a pleasurable project enviroment where you, you project-team, your client and the future users of your projectresult will all get the bennefits of. The information on this site starts with the definitions of a project, the players involved with project management, the vision and scope and ofcourse the procedures to make a project a successful project. After that we focus on the tools and basic concepts of the elements you need to control your project. You can find all the information in our top-menu, but for a full overview of the project enviroment and all relevant elements, you can also start at our project management basics overview page.


Elements of project-management-basics

The project management basic elements you need to manage projects are time-management, money-management, quality-management, information-management, organisation-managemant and risks-management. If you understand the basics of these elements and how to control, plan and use them in your project, your well on your way to great succes. The elements of control are all basic elements of the projectplan that you should make at the start of every project. Check out our page about the raci model.


projectplan and control systems

The projectplan is basicly your contract with the client and should describe the projectapprouch and projectresult clearly. We will go into the tools you can use and the basics of how a good projectplan can be made at the start of a project. By looking through all the subjects and to use the information and maybe some links on this project management basics information site, we hope you will find that extra and usefull information you need for successful project management!


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